Young @ Heart / COMPLETED

  • Director : Stephen Walker
  • Actors : Joe Benoit, Fred Knittle, Helen Boston
  • Genre : Documentaire, Musical
  • Nationality : English
  • Duration : 1h 48min
  • Year : 2008


Billed as “pensioners behaving badly”, Young@Heart is a chorus like no
other. With an average age of 80, their renditions of rock‘n’roll songs from
the likes of Coldplay, Hendrix and The Clash have won terrific reviews all
over the world.
This touching documentary follows chorus members as they prepare a new
show. In the mouths of these seniors, the lyrics of rock songs acquire a new
poignancy, trampling on taboos surrounding old age, love, sex and death.
The result is a moving and often hilarious portrait of an extraordinary
group of people who may be old in body but refuse to grow old in spirit.

“Sundance 2008”