The High Life / COMPLETED

  • Director : Emmanuel Salinger
  • Actors : Laurent Capelluto, Michel Boujenah, Hélène Fillières
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Nationality : French
  • Duration : 85 min
  • Year : 2008


Philosophy teacher in the provincial city of Saint-Étienne, Grégoire is a discreet
man of integrity. He strives to instill the fundamentals of wisdom in his lethargic
high-school students. Circumstances lead him to Paris where he encounters a
new student in the shape of Patrick, a star TV presenter. Patrick’s career is on
a high, but he’s not happy. He wants to learn, he wants to change, he wants
Grégoire to be his life-coach. Grégoire is uneasy about the offer; he plays hard to
get, but eventually gives in. He agrees to play the Socrates for the Alcibiades of
the small screen. But the game of self-knowledge holds some surprises. Of these
two men from very different worlds, who will end up teaching the real lessons?