Summer Nights / COMPLETED

  • Director : Mario Fanfani
  • Actors : Guillaume de Tonquédec, Jeanne Balibar
  • Genre : Drama
  • Nationality : France
  • Duration : 104 min
  • Year : 2015


Metz, 1959.
Michel and Hélène Aubertin from a perfect couple. He is a respectable notary
in a provincial town, she divides her time between charity work and raising
their son Jacky.
Nothing unusual about them, apart from the fact that Michael has a dark
secret: every weekend he goes to Les Epices, his house in the Vosges Mountains,
and becomes Mylène under the gaze of Flavia, an experienced transvestite and
his former comrade in arms during the phony war.
Under Flavia’s influence, the house in the forest becomes the Villa Mimi, the
rallying point for a small group of men who play freely at being women. But
this utopia cannot last…

“Venice Days 2014 (Queer Lion)”