Phil Tippett - Mad Dreams and Monsters / COMPLETED

  • Director : Gilles Penso and Alexandre Poncet
  • Producers : Frenetic Arts
  • Actors :
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Nationality : France
  • Duration : 84 minutes


Winner of two Academy Awards for The Return of the Jedi and Jurassic Park, Phil Tippett is a Stop-Motion animator, a director and a designer who has given life to unforgettable creatures throughout his career, from Jabba the Hutt to the giant bugs of Starship Troopers. But beyond this Hollywood resume lies a mad artist, who spends most of his days experimenting in his workshop with everything he can find.
With exclusive and unlimited access to the collections and archives of Tippett Studio, Mad Dreams and Monsters studies the legacy of Phil Tippett, from his work with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Paul Verhoeven to more personal movies like Prehistoric Beast and Mad God.
From the directors of critically acclaimed Ray Harryhausen – Special Effects Titan and Creature Designers: The Frankenstein Complex, comes a new documentary about a legendary artist.