Ecce Bombo / 1978

  • Director : Nanni Moretti
  • Actors : Nanni Moretti, Luisa Rossi, Glauco Mauri, Lorenza Ralli, Fabio Traversa
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Nationality : Italy
  • Duration : 103


Moretti’s second feature plays out as a sardonic series of “fumetti” following a group of young Italians
as they struggle to come to terms with growing up in an unfeeling world. Michele (Nanni Moretti) goes
from one girlfriend to the next and has a difficult relationship with his family, but following a series of
political and amorous misadventures, he and his friends decide to take life more seriously. Michele is the
only one who keeps the resolution. One of Moretti’s most radical films, Ecce Bombo established him as
both a gifted comedian and a vocal critic of modern Italian culture and politics.