• Director : Alberto Vázquez
  • Producers : UniKo
  • Actors :
  • Genre : Animation
  • Nationality : Spain


Arnold, a middle-aged mouse in existential crisis, lives in constant suspicion: unlike his wife María, he has long felt that the world is unreal, a fake, like a Film set! Arnold decides to rebel against society by confronting his so-called friends, neighbours, doctors and even the corporation A.C.M.E. (A Company that Makes Everything), blatantly ruling the whole place.

Arnold goes crazy as he realises that all his suspicions are true and that he can’t escape from his nightmarish world. Exhausted, he finally gives up and accepts his fate, becoming a model ACME citizen. Helped by the ghost of his best friend Ramiro and the outcast Mr. Mushroom, Arnold and María hatch a cunning plan to escape their town and leave behind this fake world, in order to start a new life, far away from ACME’s social and economic control.