A Very British Gangster / COMPLETED

  • Director : Donal MacIntyre
  • Actors : Dominic Noonan
  • Genre : Documentary, Police
  • Nationality : Britannique
  • Duration : 100 min
  • Year : 2007


An all access film inside one of Britain’s most dangerous crime families. For
the first time, a gang of contemporary criminals open their lives to reveal
a brutal world and an underclass which relies upon gangsters for justice,
rather than police.
The film follows the trials and tribulations of Dominic Noonan, the head
of the Noonan crime dynasty, over three years, as he lurches from criminal
trial to criminal trial.
By the best known and awarded British investigative journalist, famous for
his daring and courageous undercover Investigations.

“Sundance 2007 (Official Selection)”