The Referee (L'Arbitro) / COMPLETED

  • Director : Paolo Zucca
  • Actors : Stefano Accorsi, Geppi Cucciari, Jacopo Cullin
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Nationality : Italy
  • Duration : 92 min
  • Year : 2013


Atletico Pabarile, the worst team of the Sardinian third league, is crushed
like every year by its age-old enemy Montecrastu, a team led by some
arrogant land owners. But the return to town of young Matzutzi upsets the
balance and Atletico Pabarile starts winning a match after another thanks
to its new star striker.
The story of the two teams intertwines with the career of an ambitious
referee at the highest international level: Cruciani, sent to the Sardinian
third league when convicted of corruption.
The last game of the season between the two teams shall determine the
champion of the season. But refereed by Cruciani, the game soon turns
into an infernal circle where everything can happen...