So Long Africa / COMPLETED

  • Director : Ada Loueilh
  • Actors : Niels Arestrup, Julia Coma, Natacha Lindinger
  • Genre : Drama
  • Nationality : France
  • Duration : 83 min


Paris, Charles de Gaulle airport, April 2011. Jacques and Safi have just been
repatriated from Ivory Coast where the civil war rumbles. Jacques’s skin
is deeply tanned by a long life under Africa’s sun as an expatriate hotel
owner. Safi, his 14-year-old mixed blood daughter, has always been used
to living with her mother. Now they are together in France and don’t really
know much about each other. Moved to a social center in Nice, they will
learn to know each other and to forgive themselves. But there’s Gloria,
Safi’s mother, left behind in the turmoil of Abidjan and who remains