• Director : Yolande Moreau
  • Actors : Pippo Delbono, Candy Ming, Jackie Berroyer
  • Genre : Comedy Drama
  • Nationality : France
  • Duration : 107 min
  • Year : 2013


Henri and his wife Rita, in their fifties, run a small restaurant on a B road in
Belgium. Henri works in the kitchen while Rita waits on tables. Henri drinks
beer as he works and once the customers leave, he drinks some more with
his friends while playing card games, under his wife’s disapproving gaze. Rita
keeps herself busy, visiting their daughter and actually taking care of their
business. In the evening, they share the same bed but are total strangers :
thirty years of life together have worn away their love.
Rita dies suddenly of a brain aneurysm, turning Henri’s life upside down,
leaving him all alone to run the restaurant and to deal with his loss. He finds
himself completely unable to run the restaurant. On the advice of a friend,
he hires Rosette, a slightly mentally handicapped young girl. With her youth,
enthusiasm and singular way of seeing the world, she will stir Henri and bring
him back to life.

“Cannes 2013 Director's Fortnight”